Drawing Info

Collect non-winning Oregon Lottery Scratch-it tickets.

  1. Submit entries at this website! Go to our LOGIN section to register and submit your non-winning entry tickets online.

Picking the Winners

  1. Entry deadline dates and entry drawing dates are shown under Draws and Prizes.
  2. Entrants win only one prize per drawing.
  3. A winner of a 2nd Chance drawing has 60 days from the date of notification to claim the prize. The winner of a promotional drawing prize has 14 calendar days from the date of notification in which to claim the prize.
  4. Entries are subject to validation by the Oregon Lottery or its designee.
  5. Winners will be required to provide proof of identity and sign an Eligibility Form. The Oregon Lottery will be permitted to use any photos, quotes and/or other information gathered during the 2nd Chance Drawings for publicity purposes.
  6. Only eligible winners can receive drawing prizes.
  7. The public will be informed of the drawing entry deadline dates and entry drawing date through the Oregon Lottery's Web site.
  8. The Oregon Lottery reserves the right to cancel or suspend any drawing or game, prize structure or frequency of drawings according to established game rules.

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